The Lych Gate, Pease Pottage

Project Details

Originally Lych gates were for the coffin bearers to shelter from the rain, whilst waiting at the entrance to the churchyard. This customer had a more modern use wanted an aesthetically pleasing entrance to his garden and somewhere to store his motorbike under cover. For authenticity we used hand- made clay tiles and oak boarding for the underside of the roof as it was exposed through the rafters. The rafters were oak in keeping with the rest of the frame and the rafter feet exposed and shaped for added aesthetic appeal. The floor was laid to reclaimed York stone flags. The bricks were matched to the adjacent houses and sourced and supplied accordingly. The sandstone corners were cut by us in the absence of a suitable option being sourced elsewhere. The walls were capped with ‘cant’ bricks to facilitate a 6” sole plate on a 9” wall.

We knew our request was quirky, but we really appreciated the lengths that Grosvenor went to, to maintain authenticity in the aesthetics and to match the local vernacular in the building materials. Small details like this make a huge difference to the finished result. Overall my wife and I love the structure.

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