Greenhouse, Reigate

Project Details

This customer approached us to build the sub-base structure for a new cedar greenhouse to be installed upon it. This required the existing structure, it’s footings, base, walls and timber to be demolished and removed from site. The services to the original were all upgraded to current building regulation standards. The drainage was sorted, the sub-base was built and the floor laid to Indian Sandstone. The walls were built to the tolerances specified by the greenhouse supplier. Adjacent foliage was pruned to accommodate the new building and existing plants were moved, stored and replanted. The patio area surrounding the old structure was modified to accommodate the new structure and to ensure seamless transition through a mature very well respected garden.

We open our garden to the public and as such chose Grosvenor from their website on the basis that the images of their work showed the same love of the look of a garden as our own. We were not disappointed by the way the new building was integrated into the existing garden

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