Cranleigh, Surrey

Project Details

Working originally to the customers design for the garden and from a verbal description of the refurbishment of the building. This project brought together two of our major disciplines, namely building and landscaping. The courtyard garden was completely altered, the existing plants were moved and stored, the old sloping rough lawn and raised beds were removed. Suitable material was brought in and; a limestone chippings- shingled area, a paved area and a raised deck were created . Garden electrics and an automated watering system were installed. The stored plants were re-instated and a new planting plan was agreed. The plants and sundries were sourced and installed.

Whilst the above was happening, a 200 year old structure, ancilliary to the house, was refurbished to create a usable office. The structure needed underpinning, the timbers needed strengthening mending and in some cases replacing. The brick plinths for the posts were renewed, the roof was re-tiled and battened. The structure was insulated throughout, plastered throughout in authentic rustic style and decisions made as to which beams would be left exposed, additional beams were added to achieve the authentic look. A new floor was built with under floor heating. The door was moved and the landscaping designed around the new entrance. An old lead rain hopper and a newly created lead gutter was installed to ensure that the very low doorway could be maintained, a new oak door was built bespoke and installed. Electrics, water and heating were extended to this room.

We demanded a huge number of changes to all parts of the work on our project during construction and we made it clear from the start we wanted an organic approach. Martin and Brian did not let us down, offering valuable advice throughout backed by a willingness to accommodate change. The end result is a testament to an excellent collaboration between, ideas, requirements and practical ability.

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