Work continues with the National Trust, Handcross

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One of our Landscaping services teams is currently carrying out various tasks for the National Trust, at their stunning Nymans Gardens site in Handcross, West Sussex.

As a client for a number of years, Grosvenor offer Nymans Gardens the benefits of a comprehensive service, covering works in the gardens, the woodlands, the nursery, the buildings, the car-parks and the boundaries amongst many others.

The current work is varied but includes:

  • Replacing agricultural field fences with post and rail.
  • Installing traditional estate railings with matching gates to the boundaries of a number of the estate cottages.
  • Removing a traditional pole style Pergola with new timber that matches the old. The trick is, to do so, without disturbing the aged and beautiful Wysteria which covers the majority of the frame!
  • Constructing a hard standing area onto which the garden compost is to be stored.
  • Improving the security into the estate by digging a ditch and creating a bank as well as installing timber field gates that are lined with a steel trim. The aim is not to compromise the overall look whilst at the same time adding security to a vulnerable area of the estate.

The next task will find our groundwork team carrying out works to extend the concrete aprons on which the green waste from the estate is stored and turned into compost. The original sleeper wall bunkers are collapsing due to the steel posts moving in their concrete ground anchors. The solution is to empty the bays, remove the sleeper walling, winch the steels back upright and then secure in place, by means of a series of steel bars welded into the framework. The sleepers will be re-installed and finally the compost loaded back into the reconditioned bays.

A tip for anyone building a sleeper walled storage bunker on a concrete base. Always cast the concrete slab to extend at least 150mm beyond the steel posts. This will greatly reduce the risk of the posts moving under the pressure created.