Heat Pumps the way forward to heat your home

Although the weather is on the up and you may be thinking of resetting the heating system timer to your summer preferences, I am going to base my report this week on the benefits of Heat Pumps as the way forward to heat your home as I believe this is the ideal time for switching from your conventional fossil fuel boiler to a highly efficient renewable system.

In the briefest of detail, heat pumps operate by harvesting large volumes of low temperature heat that is endlessly available in the ground or in the air and converting it into much smaller volumes of high temperature heat with which to heat the home and provide all of your hot water. Because they are energy converters, this makes them very efficient and although your electricity bill will rise, you will eliminate completely the need for gas, LPG or oil other than for cooking. It is normal to expect the running costs when compared to Oil and LPG to be reduced by up to 70% with a ground source heat pump! They are also maintenance free and unlike fossil fuel boilers the efficiency does not diminish over time.

As with the feed-in tarrif which has been used to encourage investors to place solar PV panels on their roofs, there are incentives in place and others soon to be introduced that make the financial case an even more popular proposal. Look out for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

For more information visit the Heat pump pages of our website or please do contact me on 07932 081889 (Martin Blake).

groundworks garden landscaping alitex greenhouses grosvenor sussex

Under this superb Alitex Greenhouse is part of a ground source heat pump supplied and installed by Grosvenor – as was the greenhouse! It replaces an oil fired system. The final deciding factor for this client was running out of oil with ice and snow preventing an oil supply being delivered to his home at the bottom of a hill near Bletchingley, Surrey.

heat pumps surrey grosvenor

A recently installed Air source heat pump at a cottage near Horsham has replaced a gas fired boiler.