Good news for homes with Heat Pumps …… RHI rates are finally settled!

After a protracted period of consultation, deliberation, exasperation, perspiration, frustration etc at last exhaltation the rates for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) have finally been agreed.

Up until now it has required an apptitude for clairvoyance to best guess the financial implications of installing a ground or an air source heat pump. Although the high levels of efficiency make a compelling case against oil and LPG boilers the RHI was always the unknown quantity. But no longer and here indeed are the rates to be applied:

For Air source heat pumps (air to water only) 7.3p/kW

heat pumps surrey grosvenor

and for Ground source heat pumps 18.8p/kWh!

heat pumps ground source component function sussex grosvenor

What this means for homes already equipped with heat pumps is that they now know the money they will recieve as of spring 2014 whilst for those considering the idea of installing a heat pump you now have all the numbers available to you to calculate the finances associated with installing a Ground Source or an Air Source Heat Pump.

At Grosvenor Landscape Technologies Ltd we are experts installing heat pumps into either an existing property or into a newly built home. The process is straight forward and the proposals made have no obligation on your part. We believe in providing our potential clients with all the information they require for them to make an informed choice; indeed not all properties can benefit from such a system.

A proposal can only be made after a series of steps have been followed. The first is for an interested home owner to contact Martin Blake at Grosvenor and to arrange a site visit. At this meeting Martin will explain for you the general working principles behind a heat pump, explain the practical implications of installing a system – if appropriate – in your home and finally carry out a basic house survey. All this takes about 1 hour. The results of the survey will tell us the spatial heating demands as well as the hot water heating demands of your home. This allows a correctly sized heat pump to be specified. Martin will produce a fully costed proposal which includes not only the installation of the heat pump but any groundworks required as part of the project, any works required to upgrade the internal heat distribution system (additional / oversize radiators are often required) and will even include the landscaping required to professionally reinstate the garden if appropriate!

With returns on investment being as low as they are how many choices do you have where you can see typical returns of 12% and more!

Please contact Martin Blake to arrange your site visit.