Contemporary Garden in Lindfield

Grosvenor have just completed a hard landscaping project for a client in West Sussex and I thought I would share the finished results with you. The garden is a small back garden on the northern side of the house which is situated in the village of Lindfield. Our customer requested that Grosvenor design the hard landscaping so as to create a modern feel in which she could entertain guests. As is often the case the client wass very keen to create and carry out her own planting. Other factors which were taken into consideration included the garden having a reasonable slope and the wish being to loose as much of this as possible, also a new fence had already been installed by another contractor

A number of meetings which involved looking at material samples allowed the plan to be finalised and agreed upon. The paving chosen is sawn black granite with a flamed and brushed surface which is slip resistant. The dwarf retaining wall and the step risers chosen were to be constructed using Grisham Grey bricks with a lime mortar.

Black Granite Patio - June 2013 (1)

Despite the weather and thanks to one of our experienced landscaping teams the results have exceeded the clients expectation. Details which are always crucial to achieving good results include dealing with items such as rainwater downspouts, foul drain covers and kitchen waste pipes. The use of recessed covers for the foul drain and the careful cutting of the paving has allowed us to manufacture fully serviceable gullies whilst maintaining what I hope you will agree is a pleasing finish to these difficult issues. With sawn cut paving it is essential that they are laid precisely to ensure there are no lips to any edge of any slab – any that are slightly out will show prominently when the pointing is done. A tip which you may wish to consider should you choose a similar paving is to keep the joints narrow – here we have set them to 5mm. Also specified here is the use of a resin based jointing compound which is colour matched to the slabs. The reason we are fans of this jointing compound is because sand mortars are very rigid and expand and contract at a different rate to that of the paving either side. This inevitably results in a crack appearing between slab edge and mortar into which water seeps and frost action as they say does the rest! The resin compound we use ‘bonds to the slab edge and retains just enough flexibility to allow for the natural movements associated with temperature change.

Black Granite Patio - June 2013 (8)

Other technical points which Grosvenor are always keen to promote is that paving is always laid on a full bed of concrete mortar – not the 5 spot system favoured by those offering a ‘cheap’ job – remember there can be no support to the joint if the paving is laid this way and each individual slab is effectively isolated from its neighbours – no wonder the paving fails in a very short period!

Black Granite Patio - June 2013 (2)