Air Source Heat Pump for a Cottage in Handcross

air source heat pump handcross grosvenor

Today we have taken delivery of a 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat pump, together with the ancillary components including a 250lt Powerflow unvented hot water tank. The system has been designed and the hardware supplied by Ice Energy for who Grosvenor are approved installers in Sussex and Surrey.

Work will commence on the installation on Monday 18th and the project will need to be ready for commission on Wed 3rd April 2013.

Due to a change in the plan of where to site the unit, there will be a short delay in completing the switch over from the current gas fired boiler, however at no time will the client be without heating and hot water!

Because the new location is approximately 8m from the house, we need to provide extremely effective insulation to the main feed and return pipe. Although this won’t be with us until the end of next week the specification of the Uponor manufactured pipe will mean none of the heat produced by the pump will be lost on its journey to the hot water tank and the central heating system.

We look forward to updating you with progress on this project.

If you are considering ways by which you can significantly reduce your energy costs then please do give us a call – we will be pleased to provide guidance and advice as to the options available to you.