Turfing & Lawns

A healthy well maintained lawn is always a joy to see. Lawns are a mainstay of the English garden and in most circumstances provide the open space for families to enjoy.

Turf or Seed is a question that many clients will ask. There are merits to both methods with turf providing the benefits of speed of establishment and more consistent results, and with seed profiting from financial savings.

Success comes from ensuring factors which affect the grass are considered before the lawn is laid These factors will include the lawns likely usage, the soil type and fertility as well as issues such as shading and drainage.

At Grosvenor Landscape Technologies we have the skills and experience to ensure your lawn gets the best possible start. We use a range of turfs or seed best suited to your application sourced form the best turf farms. Additionally we will only apply the seed or lay the turf once the seedbed has been correctly prepared. We will also supply a maintenance guide to help ensure the lawn establishes successfully.

Specialist lawns such as wild flower meadows or sports turfs are also catered for so do contact us with your lawn requirements.