Hedges & Trees

Hedges are not only to be seen as a means of marking a boundary but are used is all shapes and forms in the garden. Dwarf, hard clipped hedging is used extensively to edge borders and provide topiary interest whereas taller planting is used to screen unsightly areas and provide a backdrop for the garden plants.

It is easy to think that trees will not be suited to a smaller garden, however not all trees are of course the great parkland oaks! By carefully selecting the right tree for the location, all gardens can benefit from the beauty of trees.

Whether choosing trees or hedges, consideration needs to be given to the soil type and fertility, the size and aspect of the proposed location, the level of maintenance required as well as choosing evergreen or deciduous species. Additionally you will need to consider how quickly you wish for the trees or hedge to establish and balance this with the costs associated with larger plant sizes.

We at Grosvenor Landscape Technologies will provide a high quality service consisting of sound advice, healthy trees and hedging plants together with experienced labour to ensure your trees and hedges establish successfully.

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