Natural Swimming Pools

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We are also able to construct natural swimming ponds. Natural swimming pools are achieved by controlled biology, resulting in water to swim in which is clean enough to drink and contains no chemicals. The appearance of such a pool can be entirely natural looking with plants actually growing within it, or the chemical equipment of an existing swimming pool can be removed and other systems added to utilise the structure of the pool but containing clean water. The cost of these obviously rises in line with added complexity, size and features associated with the pool, such as paved areas, ancilliary buildings and heating requirement but you may be pleasantly surprised at their cost. If you are considering the installation of a new pool, or have an existing one that you are put off of by the effect of and the cost and hassle of chemicals, I would urge you to call us to discuss the possibilities. Equally, if you are considering the installation of a pond, the extra investment to make a simple pond into a pool could be worthwhile. After all it could still look the same as your original concept but become much more versatile.