Fences, Screens and Trellis

Fences and gates are generally used to define our property boundaries and to provide a level of security. The look is dependent on the application of the fence. Boundaries around our homes will generally be either hedges, brick or stone walling, metal railings, wooden fences or combinations of each. With regards hedges, brick and stone walling please click here to take you to the relevant section. Metal Railings for domestic applications were traditionally made from wrought iron; however they are now almost exclusively made from mild steel which is cheaper and stronger. To prevent corrosion the steel is usually galvanised and then to provide a quality finish they are often painted using the powder coated method. Like the timber fences, they are available in a large range of styles from Park or Estate railings (horizontal bars) to decorative designs using vertical bars. In a commercial application, the levels of security may be of greater importance. Grosvenor are pleased to offer a full range of security type fences for our clients. These can include mesh panels, steel palisades and chainlink. Traditionally, the timber of choice was Oak, however although this is still available, the vast majority is now made of pressure treated softwoods. Treatments increase the longevity of the timber significantly and we are able to supply and install timber fences with a 25 year guarantee. The styles of timber fences are wide ranging catering for almost any look desired. Styles include Close-board (feather-edge / featherboard), Lap panels, ‘Hit and Miss’, Palisade, Tongue and Groove as well as a multitude of decorative panel designs. The fence top-line can be straight, convex or concave, can be added to with trellis or railings and posts can be flat topped or shaped (rounded or various angles) or have a finial decoration. There are even fences that include added security features and those designed to alleviate noise (acoustic panels). It is worth remembering that all the products installed by Grosvenor will be of treated timber or oak and therefore do not require annual treatments. Should the wood finish not be to your liking, then stains and paints can be applied accordingly, however as stated this will be for decorative effect only. Swing or sliding gates that provide pedestrian or driveway access are available in all styles. You need not even concern yourself if the style you wish for is not available through the normal supply channels as we are able offer bespoke designs made from quality timbers and hand forged steel. You only need to ask! Automation is available for all gates and will be specified to match your requirements. Garden screens are typically used to divide off various sections of the garden, or to hide unsightly structures, or as a safety barrier. It is usual although not exclusive that screens can be seen through to a greater or lesser extent. Modern screens provide an alternative to traditional trellis and use timber slats (horizontally or vertically) to create a variety of looks. Metal screens can see the use of wire ropes and even fine wire mesh on timber or metal frames and posts. The mesh or rope is usually stainless steel with the posts either Steel, Aluminium or again Stainless steel. Often used as a safety barrier (swimming pools and balconies are some examples) whilst at the same time creating a sharp contemporary feel is the use of toughened glass panels. They can be either in a frame or mounted directly onto posts. Should you have a requirement for fences, gates or screening please contact us we are happy to offer advice as well as a free no obligation quotation.