Hard Landscaping

Drywall walling and gravel driveway  project in Ewhurst
Drywall walling and gravel driveway project in Ewhurst


Yorkstone path extension
Yorkstone path extension
Horsham Stone and wooden sleeper retaining walls
Horsham Stone and wooden sleeper retaining walls










We have the machines, equipment and technical knowhow to tackle virtually every landscaping issue. We would consider ourselves specialists in dealing with sloping terrain, having built retaining walls in various media and having graded thousands of tonnes of soil to produce terraces, sloping paths, banks, sunken features and ha ha’s.

We have drained gardens, re-routed streams and created naturally fed ponds. On many occasions customers have been surprised how effective the use of space can be, where a slope is harnessed into: access roads, partially submerged buildings and terraces etc, where they considered the existing slope to be unusable. We have worked in, chalk, clay and sand and have built walls and terraces in, oak, chestnut, sandstone, Horsham stone, knapped flint brick, block and even using gabions. Split levels can be used to create functional space, hidden space, visual interest and moving water within a property, Mowing sloping properties is no fun.

In lots of our projects the skills of landscaping and building meet, as such, we are able to design and construct almost any structure that will be required on a property. These are usually built from a combination of timber, steel and masonry. Commonly but not exclusively, the timber is the aesthetic component of the project relying on steel and concrete to provide the strength. However, familiarity with all these media and having access to structural engineers, where common sense and experience fall short means that our products are built to last and where necessary have the technical proofs. This is never more true than when dealing with retaining walls and bridges. A recent project request involves, curing the erosion of the banks of a huge stream in a clients garden. Having provided suitable bankside stability for them, the client would like to be able to cross the ‘river’ with a vehicular bridge and to submerge a studio into the high bank on one side of the stream adjacent to the bridge and to increase their parking capacity by being able to park on the roof of the studio. This will involve structural calculations, excavation, steel erection, screw piling, concrete foundations, drainage, damp proofing, masonry walls, timber doors and windows, tarmacing, timber detailing, electrical supply, flooring, heating and lighting. We can also provide smaller timber bridges for pedestrian use or even just aesthetics.

Over time, we have created vast areas of patios, driveways, pathways and floors of buildings, again in a variety of materials; from conventional concrete slabs and tarmac, through to Indian sandstone, brick, block, stone, pavias, cobbles, gravels and tile, each with their own character. We can provide a brick matching service and also have access to suppliers of some very unusual stone and concrete products (please see materials page). Currently the idea of extending the season of use for the garden with outdoor entertainment areas, such as hot tubs or outdoor fireplaces is very popular.

Often as part of a landscaping project a customer would like water as a component. This can be for movement, background noise or many other reasons. We are able to offer a range of services relating to water; from a simple self-contained fountain which may need only a base constructed and an electrical supply, through to a larger pond in a formal or informal environment with all the pumps filters and a planting plan of specified aquatic plants. We are shortly to create a natural stream fed pond where the planting will be achieved using native and appropriate plants to the area. The objective is to enhance the view for the human inhabitants of the property and at the same time create a wildlife haven by ‘tweaking’ what is there naturally. We are also able to construct natural swimming ponds. In the case of aquatic planting or with natural swimming ponds we would work with another of our partners Anglo pools. Natural swimming pools are achieved by controlled biology, resulting in water to swim in which is clean enough to drink and contains no chemicals. The appearance of such a pool can be entirely natural looking with plants actually growing within it, or the chemical equipment of an existing swimming pool can be removed and other systems added to utilise the structure of the pool but containing clean water. The cost of these are better than or comparable to conventional pools but as with conventional pools the costs rise in line with added complexity, size and features associated with the pool such as paved areas, ancilliary buildings and heating requirement.

The ha-ha.

Where a property backs onto a rural vista the ha-ha provides a brilliantly simple means to preserve the view but secure the property. Its construction requires a number of disciplines that Grosvenor can supply. Namely excavation, walling or revetment and turfing, or a water feature as appropriate. Make your property appear to extend to the horizon.