Garden Design

Our approach at the starting point of any design is always to assess customer requirements. To ascertain the aspirations of the customer and to take advantage of the existing assets of the property, eg. views, character features, sloping ground, existing trees, existing outbuildings etc.

A design can take several forms and proceed to different levels.

If required, we are able to produce a complete design; drawn, dimensioned and complete with planting lists and specifications of materials, or it may be as simple as specifying the dimensions and the stone type for, for instance a patio

Quotations for work whereby, there is no or only a limited design component are free of charge. Preliminary visits, for discussion and estimation purposes are free of charge. Obviously, in order for us to supply more extensive plans as part of design we have to charge for the time involved. However, if we proceed with the work prescribed we are usually able to refund this cost. Please see our design page and the planting plan sections later for more details and examples.

For certain types of paving and driveways we are able, via our partnership with Tobermore blocks, to produce images of Tobermore products onto photos of your actual existing property. There is a small charge for this service. Some of the design facilities with our partners are offered by them free of charge. We will advise where this may be applicable.

Please note we are able to supply planting plans for your specific requirements and if the plan meets with your approval we are able to supply the plants specified within these, directly to you. We have to make a small charge for the planting plan but supply of the plants can be direct to you even if Grosvenor are not involved in the planting.
We are also able to supply a range of materials. Please see our materials pages to peruse a range of products for your project.

We have a number of partnership agreements with other companies whereby we may be able to supply existing products rather than the bespoke route. We may be able to offer discounts on their products and for some they may offer a design facility specific to their product. Please see our partnerships page for more detail.