Case Study

The project is for an Air source heat pump to supply heating and hot water to a 110m2 Victorian Semi-detached cottage. There are 3 bedrooms and a single family bathroom. The property was completely refurbished in 2005 and benefits from double glazed windows, cavity wall insulation as well as 200mm of loft insulation. The current boiler is a 35kW gas fired combi unit so there is no current domestic hot water tank. The current boiler is housed in the cellar and the plan is to site the new hot water tank in the same location.

Specification is for an 14kW single phase Mitsubishi EcoDan unit coupled to a 250lt Powerflow unvented domestic hot water tank. The current method of distributing the heat is through radiators which are all fitted with TRV’s. It is not planned to upgrade these, as they were oversized when installed 6 years previously.

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The Figures
The full cost of the installation including VAT is £12,000.
Saving on gas is £ 960 / annum.
Extra cost of electricity to run ASHP is £ 285 / annum.
Annual saving by switching to ASHP is £ 675 / annum.
Annual return on investment is 5.625%.
RHI entitlement – 7 years annual payment received is predicted to be £1010 / annum.