Porches & Verandas

Green oak structures, (also known as timber framed) can be utilised for a myriad of functions. In their simplest form, they provide a structurally strong, aesthetically appealing frame for garages, carports and porches etc. Above the frame they can be roofed in, slate, stone, tiles, cedar shingles, thatch and a number of other products. Below the frame they can be enclosed or open depending on the intended use. We can design a suitable structure specifically for your available space and the use which you have in mind. If the aesthetics are your main priority, we have a number of ‘tricks of the trade’ to maximise authenticity, which we can specify as extras if required in order for you to be able to compare ‘like for like’ quotes. We can even create the feel of the large timber and the pegged joints usually associated with green oak and produce these from other character timber, such as Chestnut, Larch or maybe Douglas fir or Scots pine. All character grained timbers with good durability, all will weather to a pleasing silvery grey like oak, but they may present the character without the cost. They would certainly give a different feel to the building and add a uniqueness to YOUR garden. Verandas; a mixture of the comments associated with decking and with green oak structures. A great way to provide a sheltered clean, flat area to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Let us know your ideas or use us for ideas and we will advise you on the best solution to create that usable outdoor space.