Log Cabins

Log cabins come in a number of styles. There is the traditional ‘tree in the round’ style, that emanates from Russia and Scandinavia, through to the more modern looking ‘Chalet’ style. The traditional style can be recreated using real logs or even old telegraph poles and then roofed with a range of products. To achieve the authentic look, this should probably be restricted to thatch, slate, stone or cedar shingles. The more modern style are usually roofed with felt tiles or cedar shingles although flat roofed variations, with asphalt, GRP or even green roofs can be produced. If you are looking for a log cabin as addition to your garden, if you lean toward the quaint ‘olde worlde’ look, we can build it bespoke. If the modern look is more to your taste, we have another ‘partnership’ arrangement with a local specialist. In either case we can supply, build and incorporate it into your designs.